Q-List Season 1 Episode 9

Robert Taylor

Robert came to photography in the mid-80s via the British Royal Air Force, the English Bar, and publishing adventures in Nigeria. His work, exhibited and published widely, is held in several permanent collections including the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Royal Society, and several Oxbridge colleges. His practice has always been divided between two disparate realms: portrait collections commissioned by major academic and scientific institutions, while his more personal work is mostly in the exploration and celebration of identity, beauty, and the joys of aesthetics.

His early work included many contributions to LGBT+ human rights campaigns, and HIV prevention projects, in collaboration with key LGBT rights organisations, and a major safer sex education book with the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. For the last 15 years, he’s specialised in commissioned collections of portraits of women of outstanding achievement in academe and STEM. 

His return to full-time living in London has been marked by a renewed engagement with projects exploring LGBT+ and Black Queer experiences through art-based projects. ( Permissible Beauty 2023:  https://permissiblebeauty.le.ac.uk/)

Other active interests include rehabilitation through the arts in UK prisons via (Koestler Arts), jewelry (making and wearing), and collecting art.

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