Q-List Season 1 Episode 1

Vinod Bal

Vinod is a 23-year-old Indian man who is passionate about making positive change for our communities. He grew up in Ngaruawahia and completed his primary, secondary and tertiary education in the Waikato region. He is passionate about ensuring our communities get the outcomes they deserve, whether that be greater visibility or better material outcomes. People of Colour, statistically speaking, are the largest LGBT+ group on earth and yet, if one were to look at popular queer culture, you would be hard pressed to see this reality. Vinod is a part of the LGBT+-POC rights movement because he wants to change this. He has an interest in legal and policy advocacy for queer and trans People of Colour, both here in Aotearoa and overseas, and is looking to work on global law reform so LGBT+ POC can have their rights realised.

Learn more about the great work Vinod does at https://www.adhikaaraotearoa.co.nz/

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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

A Hindi film about a lesbian woman who comes out in rural Punjab, in the setting of a play;

LoADED by Christos Tsiolka

‘I’m not Australian, I’m not Greek, I’m not anything … What I am is a runner. Running away from a thousand and one things that people say you have to be or should want to be.’

Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas is one of Melbourne’s most iconic works of fiction. In Tsiolkas’s high-octane, sex- and drugs-fuelled 1995 debut novel we follow 19-year-old Ari – Greek, gay and furious with the world – as he moves through the east, north, west and south of the city.

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Beta by Rakesh Ratti

Published in Yaraana: Gay Writing from India by Hoshang Merchant, a poem that discusses the challenge between “desire” vs “duty.”

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