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Lola Flash is a photographer who initially became known for her use of cross-colour technique, producing striking pieces of work in inverted colours. She was part of the Art Positive artist collective and during the AIDS crisis in New York City she was an active participant in ACT UP, a grassroots political group aiming to support people with AIDS and end the pandemic. Her work in often concerned with marginalised groups and topics of race, gender, age, sexuality and identity. Flash was also one of the models featured in the 1989 “Kissing Doesn’t Kill” poster.

Lola Flash



Robert Taylor a British photographer with a career spanning 30 years. He counts Rotimi Fani-Kayode as a major inspiration in his decision to become a photographer. His work has been exhibited in innumerable venues, including the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A.


Amazin Lethi

FRIDAY 19th Feb


in conversation with

Amazin LêThi

Queer Bipoc Advocate Amazin LêThi joins us for a special Facebook Live event.

Amazin LêThi was born in Saigon where she was left in an orphanage by her mother. Amazin was bullied constantly as a young child because of her ethnicity and sexuality and it was because of this she went into bodybuilding at the tender age of 6 going onto become a competitive natural bodybuilder in her teens then qualifying as a strength and conditioning coach. As a young adult, she was homeless for a period of time and it was at this lowest point, contemplating suicide, Amazin realized her passion and love for sport could help her survive. Gaining physical and mental strength and confidence, from her personal journey of homelessness and against all the odds she has overcome enormous barriers to become a leading global rainbow (LGBTQ) sports activist and thought leader.





Same Same but Black presents ICON 2021

Te Atatū Pātaka Kōrero

11 - 19 Feb

Te Manawa

11 - 28 Feb

Highbury House

20 Feb

Tāmaki Pātaka Kōrero

23 - 28 Feb


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